Allentown’s Top Orthodontist

Allentown's Top Orthodontist

If you are searching for Allentown’s top orthodontist, you are certainly looking for an orthodontist you can trust to set you on a clear path toward straight teeth and a fantastic smile. Dr. Bob Bryan Orthodontics can help you on your journey.

Treatment Options from Allentown’s Top Orthodontist

Dr. Bob Bryan Orthodontics can help you with multiple orthodontic treatment options, whether you are a child or an adult. All your questions about Invisalign, traditional braces, mouthguards, and retainers will be answered by the professional staff at Dr. Bob Bryan Orthodontics.

Undeniably, orthodontists help you solve problems. People search for orthodontic care to handle issues like crowded and crooked teeth or problems with bite and jaw position. However, having straight teeth is not only about the confidence of a beautiful smile. Straight teeth also are easier to clean, and when teeth are clean, there are fewer chances of cavities or gum disease. Also, some people find how their jaw comes together is off enough to cause pain. Jaw pain is also sometimes produced by grinding of the teeth or clenching of the jaw. By and large, orthodontics can help solve these problems and many more.

Choosing an Orthodontist 

Certainly, trusting an orthodontist with the care of your teeth is essential. Furthermore, you want an orthodontist with the experience necessary to keep your teeth in pristine shape as your best smile emerges during orthodontic treatment. Dr. Bob Bryan Orthodontics was started more than 50 years ago by Dr. Bryan’s father. The strong beliefs that started the practice carry through even today.

Also, you will find Dr. Bob Bryan Orthodontics stays up to date with technology and can bring you current technology to ensure you have the best care. You can rest assured Dr. Bryan is Allentown’s top orthodontist.

Schedule Your Free Consultation Today

Dr. Bob Bryan is Allentown’s top orthodontist. We are happy to answer any questions pertaining to your orthodontic needs in Allentown, PA, 18104; Hamburg, PA, 19526; and the surrounding area. If you would like to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Bob Bryan, please contact Dr. Bob Bryan Orthodontics at (610) 435-2788 for the Allentown Office or (610) 562-5185 for the Hamburg Office. You can also visit

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