Is Invisalign Teen Expensive?

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Dr. Bob Bryan and the professionals at Lehigh Valley Orthodontics in Lehigh County, PA know that Invisalign and Invisalign Teen clear aligners are a discreet and comfortable way to achieve straight teeth and a healthy mouth. And while expense and value are often measured in dollars and cents, there may be other costs associated with orthodontic treatment, especially for teens.


Braces, adult Invisalign, and Invisalign Teen are all comparable in price. However, making an investment now in treatment with Invisalign Teen may prevent future dental health problems and help avoid costly and complex procedures for deep-rooted problems a patient may experience later on in life.


Wearing traditional metal braces, for a teen, may cause them to be self-conscious about their appearance or about speaking or eating. Invisalign Teen clear aligners are a set of trays that are practically invisible to the casual observer. Performing the same job as braces, often in half the time, Invisalign is more than an orthodontic treatment option. It is an invitation to greater confidence, poise, and health. Orthodontic treatment by Dr. Bob Bryan with Invisalign helps teens to maintain a healthy diet, practice good oral hygiene habits, and manage responsibility. No more whispers about an unsightly smile caused by brackets and wires.


Teenagers being treated with Invisalign clear aligners at Lehigh Valley Orthodontics are able to eat the foods they normally would, while also helping them understand the importance of good oral health and hygiene. Dr. Bob Bryan advises patients being treated with Invisalign Teen to remove their Invisalign trays before eating, effectively eliminating any food restrictions that may be needed to avoid damage to traditional braces. However,

  • Most hard foods and candy aren’t good for your teeth in general.

  • Soft breads and meats are tasty on their own or in a sandwich.

  • Soft fruits and vegetables are great both raw and cooked.

  • Salads and other greens are tasty when combined with a bit of dressing.

Healthy foods are the foundation for good overall physical health. Invisalign Teen will remove the worry of a selective diet for teens and make the goal of a straight teeth and a healthy mouth easier for them to achieve.

The choice is clear.

Invisalign Teen beats other orthodontic treatments for young adults not just in price, but in ease of use, comfort, effectiveness, and an intact sense of self-confidence. If you’re looking for an experienced orthodontist who can provide your child with Invisalign Teen in Lehigh County, PA, then Lehigh Valley Orthodontics is right for you! Dr. Bob Bryan will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. To schedule a free consultation, call today: 610.435.2788

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