Maintaining Your Beautiful Smile After Braces

Is 40 too old for braces

Caring for your smile does not stop when your braces are removed. Retention is a KEY component of orthodontic treatment. Dr. Robert Bryan and his team at Dr. Bob Bryan Orthodontics in Allentown, PA, understand that many people do not realize the great importance of wearing retainers, so here’s a few things they want patients to keep in mind:

Always follow instructions from Dr. Bryan. Retainers are typically worn fulltime for a fixed amount of time as prescribed by Dr. Bryan, followed by INDEFINITE nightwear for the rest of your life. It is very important to follow exactly what the team at Dr. Bob Bryan Orthodontics recommends, as these instructions are specifically designed to keep your teeth looking their best for a lifetime.

If you notice your teeth beginning to move contact us immediately. It is extremely disappointing when teeth move back to their original position as a result of no or poor retainer wear. If movements are minor, retainers may be able to regain correction, but if the relapse or shifting is too severe, retreatment may be necessary. Dr. Bryan is here to help with any problems – call the team at Dr. Bob Bryan Orthodontics immediately at 610.435.2788 when the problem first begins for an evaluation appointment.

Retainers are something new and different and a period of adjustment to them is to be expected. Retainers, like braces, are the tightest during the first few days. Should you experience any discomfort, please call Dr. Bryan immediately rather than not wearing it. Dr. Bryan is happy to help you with adjustments or to answer any questions you may have.

Make sure that you wear your retainer as directed and care for them properly. Because of its removable nature, it may be easy to misplace your dental appliance. When removing your retainer, always put it in your plastic retainer case, clean it as instructed and call Dr. Bryan immediately for replacements from loss or breakage.

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