Make Braces Fit into Your Life

To get optimal results in the shortest amount of time, there are a few things you’ll have to adjust to after you get braces at Dr. Bob Bryan Orthodontics. The types of foods you can and cannot eat is one adjustment. With Memorial Day right around the corner, Dr. Robert Bryan warns his patients with braces to stay away from acidity foods and drinks, as well as foods that can damage their braces.

Softdrinks, salad dressings, salsa, barbecue sauce, wines, pasta sauces and citrus fruits are all foods and beverages that contain acid. These foods/drinks stain teeth, and when your braces are removed, you may notice a mark where the brackets once were.

Moreover, any foods that have hard insides (i.e., meats on a bone) must be cut into pieces and chewed on using your back teeth only. These types of foods can damage brackets and bend wires leading to longer treatment times.

Note that simply avoiding acidity, chewy, crunchy, hard and sticky foods altogether, will make your orthodontic experience much easier. If you have any questions or concerns about your braces please don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Bryan at 610.435.2788, or to stop by Dr. Bob Bryan Orthodontics when and if you are in the Easton, PA area. Have a safe Memorial Day weekend!

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