The Monetary and Medical Value of Orthodontic Treatments with Braces

Considering getting teeth-straightening braces for yourself or your child with an orthodontist in Emmaus, PA? Dr. Bob Bryan of Bryan Orthodontics has explained the monetary and medical value of orthodontic treatments with braces for people who live or work near Emmaus, PA.

Variations of Braces

Although metal braces have been the #1 choice for treatment over the years, there are now even more options to choose from. Today, Invisalign and ceramic braces are all available to patients. These options vary in cost. This can be due to the process of fitting and installing the appliance, the cost of materials, and your orthodontist’s office fees. Many of patients of Dr. Bryan in Emmaus, PA choose these alternative options due to a shorter time span of treatment.

Once a course of treatment has been decided, Dr. Bryan will provide an estimated cost of treatment, a timeline, as well as any other options needed to finalize your treatment. The typical treatment time is 23 months. Some patients have braces on for only six months. In other cases, patients can have them for longer than three years.

Throughout your treatment, the Bryan Orthodontics team will help you:

  • schedule routine checkups
  • brief appointments to adjust your brackets
  • answer questions
  • check your progress.

The meetings usually average 15-20 minutes and take place every 8-10 weeks. If using Invisalign aligners, checkups occur every 4-6 weeks.


Price differs depending on the individual patient and the individual orthodontist in Emmaus, PA. Factors such as the amount of work needed, treatment time, insurance company involved, and the payment plan, all affect the final price tag of orthodontic treatments.
The only way to know exactly how much treatment will cost is to set up an appointment with Bryan Orthodontics. We can discuss an individual plan of treatment that works best for our patients.

Making Braces More Affordable

Many orthodontists offer a payment plan to spread over time the costs of your orthodontic treatment. Dr. Bryan agrees. He feels the best way to estimate the cost of orthodontic treatment is to receive an early initial consultation, as well as create a treatment budget for the future. Treatment may also be available from a dental or orthodontic school for people who live or work near Emmaus, PA for a reduced price. This is can be done as long as patients don’t mind a student working in your mouth while a professional supervises.

Dr. Bob Bryan is an orthodontist in Emmaus, PA at Bryan Orthodontics. If you have any questions pertaining to an orthodontist in Emmaus, PA, 18049, Allentown, PA, Bethlehem, PA, Lehigh Valley, PA, or would like to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Bryan, contact Bryan Orthodontics at (610) 435-2788.

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