Perks of Invisalign in Hamburg, PA

Traditional metal braces have been becoming less and less common since Invisalign was created. At Dr. Bob Bryan Orthodontics in Hamburg, PA, we offer our patients the opportunity to use Invisalign to gain the perfect smile they are looking for. Besides the obvious perk of being “invisible”, Invisalign offers many pros that have made it the more popular way to straighten teeth.

Due to the almost completely invisible look of the aligners worn, people no longer have to go through the humiliating taunting from peers and others. Many adults now choose Invisalign to straighten teeth without the looks of metal wires across their teeth.

Another perk is that the aligners are removable for eating, brushing, flossing and drinking. Allowing the patient to eat any food they want and reducing the amount of dental decay that can possibly occur from traditional braces.

The length of treatment for Invisalign is also preferred over the length of traditional metal braces. The average length of treatment for Invisalign is 10-12 months. However, more simple cases can be solved in 4-6 months. While traditional braces can sometimes take two or more years.

If you are interested in getting Invisalign for yourself or someone you know in Hamburg, PA, contact Dr. Bob Bryan Orthodontics with offices located in both Allentown, PA and Hamburg, PA.

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