Reasons You Should Consider Braces Near Hanover, PA

Braces Near Hanover, PA

If you’ve ever suffered from temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMD), you know just how debilitating it can be. TMD is a jaw joint disorder that causes oral pain, discomfort, and difficulty chewing and speaking. 

Fortunately, treatments are available, and one of the most popular of these is undergoing orthodontic braces treatment. Braces near Hanover are a great way to alleviate symptoms and improve overall dental health. 

If you live in or near Hanover, PA, consider seeking out braces from our team at Dr. Bob Bryan Orthodontics. Our orthodontist near Hanover, will help you find the perfect treatment plan for your needs, no matter what sort of braces you’re looking for. This blog will discuss the five vital reasons you should consider undergoing braces treatment. 

Orthodontic Treatments Offer Many Benefits

Orthodontic treatments in Hanover, like braces, offer many benefits that can improve a person’s oral health. These benefits include a reduction in tooth movement, prevention of tooth decay, and an improvement in facial aesthetics. Orthodontic treatment can also improve overall dental health by reducing the risk of gum disease and other oral health problems. 

Braces move teeth into their correct positions to decrease the likelihood of moving in the future. When teeth are aligned correctly, they no longer move around as much due to chewing and swallowing. This can lead to less tooth wear and tear, improving oral health.

In addition, braces help prevent tooth decay. When teeth are properly aligned, they are less likely to become crooked or worn down from tooth brushing and flossing. This can help prevent decay from happening and restore your smile’s look and function.

Braces Can Help Correct Common Orthodontic Problems

Braces near Hanover may be a good option for those who are dealing with common orthodontic problems. Here are some common orthodontic problems solved by braces:

  1. Mild Misalignments: Braces can help to fix minor misalignments in teeth that don’t need extensive treatment. This treatment is often recommended for children with noticeable dental problems. But don’t meet the criteria for more serious treatment.
  2. Tooth Crowding: As our teeth grow, they may start to crowd each other. This can lead to misalignment and other dental problems. Treatment with braces can help to move teeth into their correct positions and alleviate tooth crowding.
  3. Teeth Gaps: This is the most common orthodontic problem, and it occurs when there is a space between two teeth. Braces can help to close this space, ultimately correcting the alignment of the teeth.
  4. Overbite: Overbites occur when one or more teeth protrude beyond the surrounding teeth. Braces can help to correct this issue by gradually increasing the size of the overbite until it is corrected to the desired size.
  5. Undershot Jaw: Undershot jaws can occur when one or more teeth protrude below the surrounding teeth. Braces correct this issue by gradually moving the lower teeth upward until they are in line with the upper teeth.

Braces Can Help Bring Your Confidence Back

When it comes to restoring your confidence, braces can be an incredible tool. Not only do they help fix problems with your teeth, but they can also give you a more confident smile. There is no doubt that a beautiful smile can brighten up someone’s day and give them a sense of confidence. 

However, it isn’t just the cosmetic impact that braces have on the appearance of a person’s smile. Braces also play an important role in helping to improve overall dental health. In addition, when you have properly aligned teeth, others will see you as a more pleasant and approachable person. 

Having a nice set of teeth also opens a lot of job opportunities, especially if you want to join the hospitality industry. Lastly, you’ll also experience an improvement in your dating life because having a nice set of teeth makes you look more attractive.

Braces Can Prevent Severe Orthodontic Issues Later in Life

Teeth problems can occur at any time in a person’s life, but they are more likely to occur as people age. The biggest risk for tooth problems is when the jawbone and bone around them does not support teeth. If teeth are not properly aligned, damage can occur to the tooth and surrounding tissues. Braces can help to correct these alignment issues and prevent future tooth problems.

Tooth decay and gum diseases can be avoided with the help of braces. Ultimately, correcting these orthodontic problems can decrease the likelihood of tooth loss in the future.

Orthodontic Treatment is Cost-Effective

It is reported that orthodontic treatment is the most cost-effective means of reducing tooth decay and improving jaw alignment. In another study, adults who had orthodontic treatment were less likely to develop periodontal disease than those who didn’t have treatment.

Braces are also effective in correcting facial deformities and preventing speech impediments. The cost of braces varies with the type of bracket used, but they typically range from around $2,000 to more than $7,000 per year.

Sometimes braces are often seen as a costly and irreversible treatment. But the many benefits of wearing braces clearly outweigh the cost in the future. After all, who would deny that investing in a bright and neat smile is a worthy investment, right?  

Schedule Your Consultation with Dr. Bob Bryan Today!

If you want to improve your smile and alignment, it is time to schedule a consultation with Dr. Bob Bryan today. Dr. Bryan is a skilled orthodontist who can help you get the alignment and smile you’ve always wanted.

During your consultation, the team of Dr. Bryan will look at your existing teeth and jawbone to determine the best course of action for braces. They’ll recommend an option tailored specifically to your needs and goals. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy optimal oral health while achieving the perfect smile.

If you’re ready to start improving your smile, contact Dr. Bob Bryan today for a consultation near Hanover, PA.

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