What Age Is Too Late To Get Braces

What Age Is Too Late To Get Braces

It is a very common misconception that braces are just for children. While that may have been true 10 or 15 years ago, this is simply not the case in today’s world. Back then, only children had the capacity to tolerate years of treatment, and the unsightly appearance of “metal mouth”. Almost all adults would say no to braces back then, but now, the situation is very – very different.

In fact, Adults of today are requesting braces almost as much as children, even more so. This is because the playing field has simply changed. Social media standards and the constant strive to look your best is what drives today’s people. Your look is just not complete without a beautiful smile, and therefore, more and more adults are now demanding braces. This raises a very serious question “What age is too late to get braces?”. You would be shocked to learn the answer, which we’ll explain in a bit.

What changed over the past decade?

Not only has people’s awareness of their looks increased, but to cope with that increased demand, dental technology has also evolved. The main drawback of braces is their appearance, and so most companies strived to solve that particular problem. This led to the evolution of a number of esthetic options, including:

  1. Clear braces:

    Clear braces are not new. They have been around for ages, but they have certainly gained more popularity in recent times. The metallic brackets are replaced by clear, ceramic brackets. The wires too have changed. Instead of the metallic silver color, they are coated with a white composite coating. You could very hardly notice a person wearing clear braces.

  2. Invisalign:

    Perhaps the greatest technology in the world of braces today. No more brackets, wires or elastics. Instead, it is a system of clear plastic molds called aligners. These computer made aligners fit the outer surface of your teeth, pushing them to the desired location. This technology not only helped with the problem of appearance, but is more comfortable, more accurate and faster than traditional brackets.

  3. Lingual braces:

    The newest technique in braces. These are similar to the good ole metallic braces, but are attached to the inner surface of the teeth rather than the outer (opposite the tongue or palate) and so are nearly invisible.

What age is too late to get braces?

Prepare to be in shock and awe, because the answer is … It is never too late to have braces. There is nothing to stop you from getting braces in your 50s or 60s or even beyond that. Our bodies are marvels, capable of adapting to change even at extreme ages. Sure it is easier and quicker to get braces as children (about 12 to 13 years is the best age) since the bone is more malleable and more responsive to changes, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have braces beyond that age. The only difference is that the process would take a bit more time compared to children.

Think of your teeth moving with braces as when your bone heals after its broken … is there an age where you must stop breaking your legs or your body won’t heal?

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