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Invisalign in Allentown, PA

At Bob Bryan Orthodontics, our team is dedicated to providing affordable orthodontic treatment. As a leading Allentown orthodontist, Dr. Bryan specializes in treating patients of all ages with Invisalign and Invisalign Teen in Allentown PA and Hamburg PA. However, the average cost of Invisalign has a few factors to it.

What Is The Average Cost Of Invisalign And Invisalign Teen?

The cost of Invisalign and Invisalign Teen varies for each individual patient based on personal factors such as the doctor’s experience, geographic location, and condition being treated. At Bob Bryan Orthodontics, we understand that no two patients have identical needs. Therefore, no treatment plans are ever exactly the same. The cost of Invisalign in Allentown may be cheaper compared to other parts of Lehigh County PA.

Does My Dental Insurance Cover The Cost Of Invisalign?

average cost of invisalign allentown paAt Bob Bryan Orthodontics, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality care and affordable costs to every patient. As a result, we accept a number of different insurance plans and credit card providers. If your insurance plan includes orthodontic treatment, you may be eligible to receive reduced out-of-pocket costs. Contact Bob Bryan Orthodontics to schedule a complimentary consultation.

How To Make The Cost Affordable

Every Invisalign treatment should begin with an initial free evaluation. During this visit, Dr. Bryan takes this opportunity to discuss treatment needs, goals, and available options. Our helpful staff reviews available payment methods such as financing, which breaks down the total cost of treatment into smaller payments. In addition, we also offer special discounts to patients who pay for treatment in full as well as patients who have multiple family members receiving treatment.

Finding The Average Cost Of Invisalign In Allentown PA

Dr. Bryan and our team at Bob Bryan Orthodontics are professionals in orthodontic treatment. We are here to answer any questions you may have involving Invisalign or the Invisalign cost in Allentown PA, Emmaus PA, Bethleham PA, Lehigh Valley PA, and the surrounding areas of Lehigh County PA. Contact Bob Bryan Orthodontics to arrange a free consultation today. Call now (610) 435-2788.

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